Royal Shield Scottish Whisky 皇家之盾威士忌








色   澤:淡雅的琥珀(棕)色

香   氣:清新麥芽乾草香,伴隨香草太妃糖香氣,清甜柑橘香味。

品   飲:隨著水果芳香入喉,滑順如絲的奶油香,融合麥芽穀物風味,醇郁辛香。

餘   味:辛香味漸漸淡出,留下溫和新鮮的橡木桶香氣綿延於舌尖。

Brand Story

Scotland, a land with the spirit longing for freedom and independence, has burdened the heart of defending land and ethnic culture. Among the countless wars with blood bath, the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 is the best proof throughout the history of Scotland independence.


Stirling, the hub of military operations, is the smallest yet most important town in Scotland. The army of 7,000 Scottish warriors, versus the vast troop of England with 20,000 soldiers. With the valor and perseverance, they conquered the outnumbered force and clinched triumph, branding the mark of honor with blood and tears.


With the wandering River Forth, the mist-besieging Scottish Highland is the one and only land of providence, and the origin of the Fountain of Victory, where the Scottish warriors binge. The pure and clean water source has nourished the Scottish the dauntless and sturdy spirit, and the new spirits-the unique all-new Royal Shield, taking you back to year 1297, the moment you can once again inscribe the mark of honor and regain the courage along with determination.


TThe Royal Shield Whisky is made in the home of Whisky-Stirling, Scotland.

With the pure fountain nourishing River Forth in the blessed land of the oracle and the selected single malt and single grain essence, we infused the hundred-year-old traditional brewery craft, and our exclusive perfect blending ratio. After the pass of time, the ripe intoxicating spirits with the hue of amber glistens with brilliance. The mellow taste and rich texture burst unprecedented sensation on your taste bud at your sip. The blossoming and long after taste lingers. Sommeliers commend the masterpiece in the history of Whisky brewing, just as the brilliant Battle of Stirling Bridge reenacts before you with unforgettable sentiments.



The reborn honor awaits your sole enjoyment.


The Royal Shield, burdens the mission of seeking for the excellent Whisky. Brewers devote their lifetime zeal only to refine sips of senses and salute to the honorable ages. We wish to invite the connoisseurs of Whisky in Taiwan to have a taste, and feel the moment of honor.


Taste and texture Description

Other than the conventional Whisky with spicy and strong texture, the Royal Shield Blended Scottish Whisky highlights the musk of fruits with refreshing malt and dried hay to create a mellow, rich and spiced taste, with provoking and excellent taste, the Royal Shield is the sleek first choice of blended whisky.


The light but elegant color of amber (brown)


The smell of refreshing malt and hay, along with hue of vanilla taffy and sweet citrus fragrance.


As you swallow, the fragrance of fruits lingers at your tongue, and the smooth-as-silk butter smell blended with flavor of malt and grain reveals, bringing you the rich and spiced sip.

After taste

As the spiced taste fades, the warm and fresh oak barrel aroma extends to your tip of tongue.